2/10 Top Ten Television OTPs-Lexie Grey/Mark “McSteamy” Sloan (Grey’s Anatomy)

From the moment Shonda Rhimes hinted at a possible love connection between McSteamy and Little Grey, I was instantly hooked. Somehow their age difference never came off as creepy or inappropriate (probably because of Mark’s extreme immaturity and Lexie’s endearing awkwardness: Hint-Her&Mark’s unfortunate accident in the on-call room) and so the two instantly became a match made in television heaven. While I’ll admit that I did not keep the actual series very close to my heart after the first 6 or 7 seasons, this pairing was one that I cherished dearly nevertheless. Even when I finally got around to tuning in during the later seasons, only to learn that Slexie wasn’t together (Lexie was then with Jackson Avery) I wasn’t worried because I was confident that this couple was “meant to be”. Coming from this stand point, it was obviously a very emotionally scarring event when the airplane crash revealed that Lexie was pinned underneath a piece of the plane without hope of recovery. Mark’s ultimate profession of his love literally made me bawl for days on end and if that wasn’t enough, Rhimes continued the march of death by killing off Sloan in the next episode.

So thank you, Shonda. Thank you for killing all of my love and hope for this show. There is now no longer a reason to ever tune in.

Rest in peace, the perfect OTP. 

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